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SnowcatOS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
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Informational docs. // Documentación informativa

SA-MP Weapon statistics
Comprehensive table of statistics for most weapons available in SA-MP.

SA-MP Explosion data
Comprehensive-ish table of evidence-based qualifications for all the explosions you can use in SA-MP.

Snippets & Includes. // Piezas e Includes

MRKS 3D Speedometer
An easy to implement 3D Speedometer for your SA-MP server which exists in the game world itself.

SA-MP Surf callbacks
Provides callbacks for certain scenarios where a player surfs or stops surfing a vehicle.

Discontinued program to check the integrity of a GTA:San Andreas 1.0 moddable installation

Two simple to use functions to calculate the amount of shotgun pellets which hit their target.

Miscelaneous. // Miscelaneos

Aimtest // Prueba de Punteria
(spanish only) A (soon-to-be) very customizable aim/pointing test.

Calculadora de pagos a Steam
(spanish only) Calcula el costo total de cargar plata en Steam en Argentina.

Mi gran amigo sebas