LSDM is an in-development 1v1 dueling server for SA-MP, which is being built on the robust base of SACNR, it's excellent anticheat and damage system.

It'll feature 1v1 dueling with ELO rankings and auto-pairing, as well as a way to personally challenge specific players, of course.


This list is nowhere near complete. Small features and commands are not listed as to not create bloat, only core components.


The system which allows for user accounts to be created and for stats to be saved.


ELO ranking

A system which measures your skill relative to the rest of the players and assigns you a rank due to it.


Arena selection

The process of selecting areas in the map of San Andreas which can be used as 1v1 arenas, and rotate between them. We will not be using custom maps, as those usually cause problems when it comes to fighting.

In progress

Configuration and customization

The basic stuff: Being able to choose your own weapons, configure what HUD elements you want to see, what sounds you want to hear, etc.

In progress


A feature complete Dueling system, similar to the main 1v1 functionality. But you also get to choose what specific player to fight, location, amount of rounds, weapons, and enable/disable things such as C-Bug or 2-Shot.



A centralized Team Deathmatch arena with some map rotation variety.


Clans system

The ability to create clans, invite other players and assign them positions/roles within it.



An aiming "Academy" with training drills, repetition, and a hell of a lot of statistics collection. Help you improve your aim, reach milestones and understand your strength and weaknesses.


Private arenas

The ability to create a private all-for-all arena and invite only your friends to participate.

Idea, might not happen.


At the moment, I am the only developer of LSDM, but as the complexity of the script begins to increase, and the features of the server become more broad, this will change.

Staff such as admins and moderators will be needed. But I won't be taking applications at least until the server is actually functional and online.