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Products, services and events killed by Nintendo

Because Nintendo hates the people who has put it where it's at.

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Content Creator CptnAlex creates custom ‘Etikon’ Joy-Con shells in August 2019, in memory of Etika. He proceeds to raise US$10k for charity through this, before the whole ordeal is C&D by Nintendo.

Happened in December 7, 2020.


Nintendo DMCA's streamers for playing Hyrule Warriors on day of release, causing Twitch to issue temporary bans.

Happened in November 20, 2020.


Nintendo C&D's an important Super Smash Bros online event due to the usage of a competent unofficial netplay platform. Another argument being the usage of illegal copies of the game, which is not only improbable, but also ridiculous as SMB has not been in sale for years.

Happened in November 19, 2020.


Fan game/romhack years in the making made by popular Mario modder Kaze Emanuar gets both website and trailers taken down by Nintendo.

Happened in October 17, 2020.


Nintendo C&D's a service which installs modchips in Nintendo Switch consoles, allowing the usage of custom homebrew software.

Happened in June 12, 2020.


A custom asset utilized for many fangames in the "Dreams" platform, created by user PieceOfCraft, is removed from the game at Nintendo's request.

Happened in March 21, 2020.


Nintendo C&D's two services which allow the download of old retro games, most of which were not available for purchase through any legal medium anymore.

Happened in July 22, 2018.


Nintendo C&D's a free-to-play 3D Browser Zelda fangame.

Happened in April 8, 2018.


A Pokemon fan game which was quickly gaining traction and popularity is taken down after multiple notices from Nintendo.

Happened in August 24, 2016.


A fan-made remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus gets taken down by Nintendo within days of being released.

Happened in August 2016 (aprox).


Nintendo C&D's a free-to-play remake of Super Mario 64 on the day of it's release.

Happened in April 2015 (aprox).


- Project M is not included as it was taken down by it's devs before legal action.
- I understand that some of the things listed were actually not entirely legal. This list isn't meant to be composed of unjust instances alone.
- Sorry for citing less-than-reputable sources such as Polygon in some entries. I'll be replacing those with higher quality sources eventually.
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